Alex Ivetic

Alex has always had a deep desire to travel the spiritual path of self-discovery and self- development. This has led Alex not only embracing yoga, meditation and other healing modalities for her own evolution, but also dedicating her knowledge and experience to making these teachings accessible to others yearning for balance, transformation and fulfilment in our modern world. Alex’s unique ability is in using yoga to help others reveal their true nature and reach their full potential so that we may all live a life full of awareness, curiosity and observation.

Alex has practiced yoga asana for over 20 years and has studied yoga and lived in various Ashrams throughout India. Alex gained her formal yoga teacher qualifications in hatha yoga and yoga therapy fAlex has received advanced training under Donna Farhi and continue to explore and dedicate her love for Iyengar yoga with Margaret and Glenn Ceresoli. Alex has also dedicated herself to studying closely with Pema Chodron and integrates the Buddhist teachings in her daily practice and with clients.

Alex has taught yoga for many years to individuals, groups, rehabilitation clinics, corporates and on a privately.

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