Energy Healing

We are all very aware of our physical bodies, the tangible part of ourselves that we can see, touch, taste, smell and move. Yet we are much more than our physical body. Our emotions, thoughts and beliefs sit within our mental (astral) body. Most people realise how important our astral body is for our health and wellbeing. The catchphrase “your thoughts create your reality” really is true. In an energetic healing session, we can reprogram your core thoughts, beliefs and patterns to bring more peace and positivity into your life.

Chakras purple
But how about our energy body? Our energy (etheric) body is becoming increasingly more recognised in the Western World. This includes the aura, which is the bubble of light around our physical body, and the chakras, which are energy centres in and around the physical body. The etheric body also include meridians, which are energy pathways through the physical body, and the focus of acupuncture and similar modalities.

The etheric body is invisible to most people, however Melissa has been trained in how to see and work with it. When the energy body is healthy, our astral (mental/emotional) and physical bodies are also in a much better position for optimal health and healing.

Please see the benefits and sessions pages for more information on energy healing.