energy body
Melissa practices a non-touch healing modality that focuses on releasing negative emotions, thoughts, beliefs, patterns and energy from your body. Melissa works with the energy field to facilitate this release and incorporates a component of counselling and mentoring.

What can Energy Healing help with?

You do not need to have a specific ‘issue’ to benefit from energetic healing, but here are a few that this particular modality has had great success with:

  • Depression
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Relationship issues: Communication, intimacy, co-dependence, trust etc
  • Fertility & conception
  • Chronic pain or illness: fatigue, back pain etc
  • Breaking negative habitual patterns, including inter-generational conditioning
  • Addictions: drugs, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, sex, work etc
  • Poor self-esteem or self-worth
  • Lack of enthusiasm, energy or vitality
  • Lack of direction or ‘feeling stuck’
  • Limiting beliefs and blockages

Realising your full potential

This style of energy healing can help boost confidence and self worth, enthusiasm and happiness. It can support you through change and with manifesting whatever your heart desires. This could include bringing in:

  • Abundance and wealth in all its forms
  • A new job or career changes
  • Mental calmness, clarity and positivity
  • Empowered relationships with yourself, partners, family, friends & colleagues
  • Physical health and vitality
  • Connection with Spirit, or your Higher Self
  • And much more!

Melissa practices a modality that is recognised and accredited by the Energetic Healers Association of Australia and the International Association of Complementary Therapy.

Please see the sessions page for more information on what is involved in an energy healing session.