Knowledge and empathy for her students comes from her magnitude of experiences and adventures as a modern day explorer into many varied cultures and other healing modalities. Her calming voice, pure heart and beautiful spirit, make those who work with Alex feel truly swept away in her presence and grace as she brings out the inner essence of each of her students in her unique hybrid method.
– Mel, 2012

I had been in search of a Yoga teacher for some time and it was of absolute importance to me to find a Yoga teacher that truly embodied, lived and breathed Yoga. I was delighted to have come across Alex who supported me to connect to myself on such a level of depth through our 1 on 1 Yoga sessions. Alex’s firm yet incredibly nurturing style of teaching is what enabled me to go through some very deep healing within myself and I am forever grateful that I have worked with Alex. As a teacher Alex brings a presence to each session that words are not enough to describe and a love that penetrates all thoughts forcing one to be no where but in the here and now.
– Ghaz, 2013

Alex is an amazing Yoga instructor. I’ve been doing yoga once a week for over 4 years. Of all the Yoga instructors i’ve had, Alex is the most amazing. She is so focused on making sure I am doing each posture correctly and the timing and flow of the classes are both calming and challenging. I feel like I am getting better at form and flexibility after each class. I wish I could take her class everyday.
– Trent, 2013

I find Alex to be patient, positive, encouraging and engaging. Alex is very articulate and able to instruct a class without having to demonstrate every move allowing her the freedom to move about and physically gently assist where needed, even though she has proven she is very capable of demonstrating all positions as required. Alex is able to attend to all levels of experience and skill in one class, reassuring and boosting the confidence of the new whilst encouraging others to progress and advance further. Alex’s classes are a wonderful journey – joyful, challenging (or relaxing if needed) and educational. I particularly liked how Alex is able to explain how and why each pose is beneficial for the mind, body and soul.
– Sharon, 2013

I just wanted to share with you for a truly beautiful class. Your guidance has lifted me out of an exhausting low to a place of, perhaps albeit transient, peacefulness. Thank you for sharing your poem with us. It really stuck with me and has inspired me to draw upon it straight away. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to last week and something to look forward to in the week to come. What a gift.
– Tahlia, 2011